When you want guaranteed protection, ONLY SafeTouch delivers:


Guaranteed 45-second response

Our average response is 11 seconds. No
other company even guarantees a response.

Radio back-up system

Your alarm communicates with our command center even if your phone lines are down or cut.

High-tech command center

We own and operate the nation’s only disaster           resistant monitoring station.

Homeowner’s insurance discount

Your SafeTouch system qualifies you to receive up to 20% off your residential insurance.

Instant email notification

You can be notified each time your alarm is turned           on or off. Many parents love knowing when their             kids get home safely from school.

Two-way communicator

When your alarm sounds we can “listen in” to verify the emergency, allowing us to request the most appropriate response by authorities.

96-zone monitoring system

You’ll know exactly where your alarm got triggered,     unlike  4 or 8 zone systems that make you guess.

Highest-level UL certification

Our security systems exceed the strictest safety standards set by Underwriter’s Laboratory.

High-speed Internet monitoring

If you have high-speed Internet, you don’t need a       home phone to be completely protected.

30-day money-back guarantee

If we can’t resolve any equipment or installation issues within the first 30 days, we’ll gladly refund your money.

Intelligent 230-event keypad

Our system can report who is coming/going, and            how quickly we responded to your alarm.

Double-protection technology

Our unique combination of wireless and hardwired technology ensures protection in any situation.

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