The safety and security of all that you’ve worked for – that’s the responsibility SafeTouch Security takes on with each client. You can tell that we take our duty seriously, given that we’ve been providing the security systems Jacksonville, FL needs for more than two decades.

Homes, commercial premises and people all benefit from our hands-on business philosophy: SafeTouch Security does not outsource. We have our own dedicated Command Center, staffed by our own background-checked staff, supported by our own technical and software experts, all working together seamlessly to ensure uninterrupted service of the highest standard.

Uninterrupted Vigilance

SafeTouch Security Systems Jacksonville, FL is available to both residential and commercial customers serving Northeast Florida and Central Florida and no other company comes close to our level of provision:

● We respond to any alarm activation within a guaranteed 45-second timeframe (our average response time is actually only 14 seconds).

● Our operations center is located inside the only disaster-resistant monitoring station in the entire United States, and cable-based high-speed Internet monitoring, paired with radio back-up systems, means our efficiency is uninterrupted by storms.

Security Systems Jacksonville FL

At SafeTouch, we understand your priorities, because they’re our priorities. We evolved our systems and technology to protect our own families, and our own property, then we offered that same level of service and reassurance to our customers.

As such, we have been able to invest in the most up-to-the-minute technology. Our unparalleled array of services includes:

● Wireless systems

● Instant email notification each and every time your alarm is turned on or off

● Two-way transmissions that allow us to “listen in” when your alarm is activated, so we can verify the emergency then action the most relevant response

When Jacksonville residents need security systems, they call on SafeTouch. Contact Us if you are ready to schedule a free home security audit.

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